End of summer blues

Well one more summer is coming to its end, and only a couple of more days before I start a brand new job. Every summer is the same, looking forward to the fall and my new job, but not the end of the long beautiful summer nights.. It marks he end of one school year so in many ways a new beginning. We are lucky enough to be able to spend a good part of the summer in summer houses down south. I have been able to work from there so I have been quite busy all summer when the rest of the family have been off.

This summer have felt a bit sad in many ways and I wonder what makes it feel this way? A part of growing older, not really being where I want to be in life, and yet see another summer pass. And aslo to the fact that I am not to happy about the cold and dark upcoming season. And I am also going in to my next part in my life menopause. No symptoms other than a skipped period and som molding and a surprisingly large lower stomach ( like 6 month pregnant) anyway.. still need to check with my doctors to see what si going on and I can say, if this is reaching toward menopause I am truly happy . and yes a bit robbed of my youth as this also mark a end of my fertile days. But hey this also marks a new beginning of an older happier me who is looking forward entering a new beginning.

I hope you all hade a great summer.



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