Wrong body image-woman

I feel so bad for dissing my own body the way I do, I mean I want to feel content and happy for it. But I am not. This peace of art blessed me with 4 beautiful children. It has keept me healthy and strong for most part of my life. Never broken anything, been seriously sick or anything. It is strong and beautiful in many ways but I have never given it the love and respect it deserves. 

I constantly battle with thought of changing this or that, adding more exercise and eating even healthy. Why do we tend to be so hard on our selfs? Why are we always judging our selfs the hardest? Why do we tend to never be good enough?

I have no idea why, but it is what it is and it is a schame. Us women!? not only being judgmental toward our self but also towards other. Which leads us to dig an even bigger grave. The ideal we set up are almost impossible to live up to. But we still keep chansing them over and over again. 

And here I am pretending to like what I see when looking in the mirror, but in fact I am not. I want to send a good message towards my girls so that they can love them self unconditionally. I am their role model in many ways so I need to step up and take that responsibility. I am their mom. 

Exercise is still good, eating healthy is also good, but maybe just focus on that part and really embrace what we have. Be happy with what life has given me. And start enjoying. 



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