New focus ladies – go vegan!

Ladies be aware, here comes a new area of how to stay healthy and I am not saying healthy in the sense to loose weight, but because I want to take care of my self from the inside out. My body reflex to what I eat all the time and the better I eat the more reactions I get when I cheat. I have been cutting out more and more meat, I don’t really care for the taste anymore so I decided more and more to skip meat. I still like seafood but considering the state the oceans are in today, and the amount of toxin that we get from the fish, I assume this will be the next step in moving towards becoming a complete vegan.

Sugar, so hard to stay away from and so dangerous to eat, If I eat to much aka I go on a complete sugar rush, the first thing I notice is the skin, gets dry and full of small tiny red spots- almost like a rash, and most irritation thing is that my joints start hurting a lot.  My hands start acing and I do understand who painful it must be to reumatism.. poor people, I really feel bad for you, it is really painful. Sugar is so bad for you and it is in almost everything. SO now I am definitely cutting out sugar for good.

I cook everything from scratch, the thing that I don’t do on my on own i gluten free bread. But other than that, I use allot of oil, coconut oil ( 1 tbs a day), all dressing is made from an olive oil base. I aslo believe that when you have sensitive skin you need to add oil from the inside, since your skin is so dry you need help from the inside alos.

No I am no saint, I want to eat even better, and I am working on becoming more and more health focused. Maybe change my breakfast to a healthy smoothie. I am glad I live now, there is so much information at hands, you can just pick and choose. I want to live a long life, want to enjoy my children and future grandchildren. And I still want to look and feel really good.

Now it’s time to go for a ´jog with the adorable dog Charlie!






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