Kickstart summer with Hiit

What a joy, this i by far the thing that gives me most pleasure when it comes to clear my brain, refocus and restart. I singed up for a new job last week. I am happy that it came to me, because it really did. I meet the company through the assignment I have now and I long for some sort of stability in my life.  So now I can finally start living again. 

I have picked up notch when it comes to excersise, but I can not see any results and I am getting tired of it. So changing path completely, adding Hiit to my routine and am expecting results good ones. But I almost died while doing the intervals. But the last couple of minutes of my workout felt amazing, I am so proud for doing it. 

So whit increased Hiit, I have also added more Pilates. As Pilates will slim my muscles down hopefully. 

Twice a week yin yoga will be part to increase flexibility and get some blood pumping in those tight neck muscles. I can barely look to the sides without my back start acing. I am super stiff, full of emotions suppressed in that poor back.  So today I did interval runs, and Pilates and a lot of thoughts to clear out. 

When things start spinning in the right direction you have to let go and allow your self to follow along. 

After a good Hiit


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