Cure cancer the good way

Yes, You can help to cure your own cancer or at least prevent yourself form having it. Imagine that everything you eat basically turns in to you, if you eat a banana that banana will break down and become nutrition for your cells. It will create energy that your body needs and practically build your body. So why would you put bad things in your body, and most of all why would you put bad things in your kids body? That is why it is so important to eat good and healthy food.

Everyone carries cancer-cells, everyone but some people manage to keep them at bay. And I am not saying that you caused the cancer yourself, it is probably a mix of the food we eat to little exercise to drinking water that is not pure, environment, stress and more.

When I changed and started to eat more raw food, less bread and less sugar, I did notice small changes, for one, I never ever eat any kind of headache medicine anymore. I am lees sick and I am more even in my temper much more even. I don’t get PMS as I did before and I do feel better. Much better. The facts are in, If we exercise regularly, it will help the body get rid of toxins and decrease the stress level, I we try to eat as plant based as possible- we will stay more healthy. Nature gave us the food we are suppose to eat, enjoy it please. I hope we will see fast food restaurants being changed to healthy alternative and that meat will be something we rarely eat.

We need to teach our kids the same :), Stay healthy everyone


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