Be nice to each other – respect

I makes me so sad, when I see all this negativity being spread in the world, what is this?And even though men stand for the wars, weapons and other stupid things. We woman tend to be all but nice to one another. At least men is supportive of each other but women? I don’t see that happen. Why is it that we spend so much time worrying about others? instead of focusing on what we can provide and do differently? I have no idea. I have been there myself, talking bad about others. And I learned a lesson that never will be forgotten. I promised my self I will never do it again ever.

Who am I, or you, to judge anyone really? Have you walked in their shoes? If you don’t agree with the way other live or act then don’t pay attention to them. Don’t feed on your dislike. We are all different and live different lives, that is OK, that is what brings variety to the world. we are all here doing our own thing, filling our purpose. Let the rest be the way they are, don’t spend time spreading your negative energy.

Help in any way you can, we woman need to stick together and help one another. Make this world a different one and help spread good karma. I have a lot of friends some who I see on a regular base and others that I see more seldom. It is my own choice who I want to spend time with. But one thing is certain, you will never ever find me backstabbing people (especially woman) ever again, that is not me!

So all you out there help each other out, we need to stick together to fight the rest of the crap that is going on in this world! We are strong and beautiful the way we are, always remember that!

Stay strong!



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