Eat good food, stay young

Stay young is not correct to use as that is not the primary goal, the goal is to stay healthy and look good. I can not stress the fact enough that eating right makes my skin glow. I love to grow older, but not what it does to my skin and body. 

Cutting sugar (not easy since it is in everything) makes my skin less dry and less wrinkles. And another benefit is that I barely have any spots. And being completly glutenfri makes me skin even better. My skin is so delicate now days. All I do reflex on my skin!! If I don’t get enough sleep, if I eat to much sugar, drink alcohol everything shows up on my skin! 

So now is really the time to start takining good care of my self in the best way possible. I owe it too my self. My life! 

Time to raise my standard! Had a wonderful power walk at 6 this morning! Magical


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