Bring out the sun, and start living

Big breath in- stop for awhile and enjoy, enjoy that you are actually alive and breathing. Enjoy that you are here. Today the sun was out, a longed for sun. I have been inside attending an excel course. Yes it is fun and a lot of, I do not get this at all! a couple of young kids (early 20) understood everything at once!

hmmmWell, their head is not filled with 4 kids, what’s should I make for dinner? cleaning, soccer practice and where can I fit in my run? summer plans, if I make a really short run I can probably make it before I need to pick up the kids from practise

I thought about it last night, I have had kids for 20 years! I have not really been away from them more that a day or 2 tops! don’t get me wrong , I love them to death and I feel so blessed they are all lovely and super, but still 20 years of not having alone time, not thinking only of me. Is it selfish to think like that? Let’s just say that I long for some alone times sometimes, just thinking of me!

But today I managed, with all my wishes and I even had time for a fast run, and I finished my run by running to the store to pick up the ingrediens to cook dinner, and then home to cook dinner.. But I loved my run and I love the sun and the warm weather and enjoy watching all the others that was out running or taking a walk.. enjoy just being me! And I loved that I was able to have some alone time before meeting the kids hugs and kisses, so my day was a win win in all kinds of way.




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