Take care of yourself – and you will grow

As a woman in this world, it is not easy to just take care of your self without feeling guilty. Just for thinking of you in the first hand.. but it is so important, there is so many of us just existing, If you start really taking care of your self you will start respect your self and love your self. Do you live your live or do you just exist? for many years I just existed, and sure being a mom with all what that bring, it is not easy to have alone time. For me I just started to live, it is still hard, because I am not use to it. The biggest challenges is my self.

What do I want out of life? relationship? Is this what you want? Do you blame other for where you are in life, well it is time to stop and take action, so that if you do, you are the one to blame if something goes wrong. Life will test you and you have to make changes and some of them are hard to change, but so needed. To be able to have a new outcome you must make changes or you will continue to walk the same path.

I am making changes now and it is really hard, cause my path is so well known so it is hard to look up and change a different path But I made a promise to my self, because I deserve the life I want to have, not to live the way that I am suppose to or, or be someone that I believe that I should be. I deserve and most of all should out of respect for my self live my own life not someone else life.

And now, when I start making small changes my life is developing the way I want to, and I love it, small changes brings small changes and the more I continue the more i will get. I see what is coming and I really like it.

So please all woman, love your self and respect your self enough to change your life, invest in your self and believe in your self.




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