The power of parents

Imagine that you where brought up believing you could do everything you put your mind to. And as an adult you just knew, that anything you put your mind through will happens. I am true believer regarding that your mind controls you and that you have power in controlling it.. But what instead if you where brought up listening to all the things you could not do, because you where not smart enough, imagine being raised with those thoughts. What would be the outcome? I think that you either turn out to be true fighter, determine to make it true life regardless what your inner voice tis telling ells you.

Or you give in and give up and don´t fight and struggle.

As a parent you have a big responsibility to guide your children through life, not controlling them just guiding. All persons are unique please let them be that way. I have 4 children, all whom are so different, 2 boys and 2 girls. All of them are different, and I love it. I have 2 wild and funny girls and i have 2 boys who are more of the serious kind. I love them all the same, they have all give me different challenges and taught me to be a more humble and loving person.

So please, all you parents out there, think about how you do and say things, because it will have an effect good or bad.




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