Quitting sugar and the skin glows

OK, so I did a deal with my kids that I should quit eating sugar. It has been 20 days now and it is working fine. I am not eating candy but I still eat chocolate and ice cream, yes I know.. I did not quit it all. lately my skin has been really ichi and dry, really old looking. Yes 2016 was a bad year and to honest this year starts a bit tuff as well, and I can tell. It os like I have gotten 5 years older in one year.

So I am still going to do the best I can to maintain what I have left, just taking care of my self in a good way. No one else will so I better do it my self.

So with that said, I made it for 3 weeks without any candy and to be honest it is not even hard. My skin is looking really good, no dry patches and no itching..So I will continue and keep being candy free. I feel better and so does my body. I need to this for me, take care of me, I do want to grow old with style. That is my intention. Exercising 3 times a week. Try to build that flatting butt, not an easy task it has dropped quite a bit and have become a lot flatter. So I will try to raise it a little bit and hope for the best.




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