Loving relationships- how do they last?

Today, we live better than ever before, we have better food, better educations. More people than ever can live a decent life without dying from hunger. I am not saying all but a lot of us .right? And still it seems that we have more problem than ever before, especially with other people. especially with our spouses. And I keep wondering why? what is it that trigger this?

Is it that we have access to a larger world, full of new things to explore? I am not saying other people to explore I am talking about other things. There is so much information out there just waiting to learn more about, this is the era of information. Could it be that we do not have time for other people in our life except ourself? Are we starved from lack of information and knowledge so now when we have it at hand, nothing or no-one else matters?

Or do we get so bussy on “spying” on other people that we just don´t have time to see our own relationships? Or could it be that love today has another meaning than it did 2 decade ago, with the independence and liberation of the woman? Or are we just bussy trying to figure out what is wrong with everyone else but our selfs? Should we sacrifice our self for someone else, or should we stay true to our self no matter what? well do we know? What makes it harder than ever to stick to you partner longer than 7 years? Are we trying to fix things that doesn’t need to be fixed?

Will future generation look back at us and wonder what was wrong with us? Who knows?




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