Quitting sugar-removing candida

Rashes and Itching dry skin made my me totala change the way I am taking care of my self. I do eat healthy and I exercise, but something si wrong. My body si out of balance. My weight have been the same for the last 25 years.I hold a normal weight, but I would like to drop 6-8 kg. Anyway last couple of months have been awful, I undertand that it is related to the change in the weather, but I am tired of all the excuses. My skin should be able to handle all kinds of konditions, it should be strong enough to handel  it all. I refuse to just eat certain foods, or use certain make-up because my skin can not tolerate it.

I should be in charge of my own body, I am sick of being sick!

So I would start to read up on candida and all the symptoms related to it, and I am quite sure, this is what I have. Every morning to help my body finding it´s balance I drink a glas of lemon water, followed by a spoon ful of coconut and sesam oil. After that I try eat as little sugar as humanly possible, and that is almost impossible. Fruits is a big no no, I can eat all greens, nuts and natural -yogurt which is fine with me, I like it. The only problem is that I do not get enough fiber. I become constipated.. But I guess the body needs too adjust and I may need to drink more water to coop with that.

But, my skin, in less than 4 day is actually clearing up, getting softer and the dry spots are getting less dry. The rashes are slowly fading and I feel better. I might be a placebo effect, but for now I could not care less- I am happy. I am sticking to this diet and hopes it will really heal my body from candida and other poisons.

Come on body, let´s detox



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