What à sad day for the 🌎

I am so chocked with the election outcome yesterday. And I must say as a woman with 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys I wanted to be able to show them that women can also run a country at the age of 70!

 I see the elected President Trump as an old man with old values and old outlook on life. Power comes to mind, but not a good power more in the sense of fear! 

I don’t see Trump as someone that will contribute to make our planet a safer, happier place. Where we see the value in individuals, a greener and more healthy planet. A world where fear is not longer in our vocabulary Where everyone will come together and make this to one planet, where all species respect each other. A word where we treasure the world resources that was given to us, respect it and leave it even better than the one we inherited. 

With Trump, he brings out fear and racism, and ignorance. He should not even have an opinion, his family was immigrant at one time. Such a selfish man! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. 

I actually thought that we where on the right track finally. That all would work together for a better world, with friendly people. That was what I hoped for for my kids! 

So sad for the world😢


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