So we where is IT?

So I have been practicing being nice to myself, practicing being a good listener ( don’t have to practice that as that is in my nature). To put Myself first is extremely strange! Well just being a little more selfish is quite hard when you’re not use to it.

And I keep asking myself where is it? Where is my “thing”? I know it is here just waiting for me to grab it I just have to find it, right? I have a couple things I don’t want! I know for a fact that I have capabilities that are beyond my dreams. I just have to find it and embrace it!

Rights?!! Hmmm

Or maybe it’s not to be found, maybe it is for me to create on my own. Create my own world, with all my desires? I know it has to be more than this. But upto now everything I have ever asked for has come true. So keep on moving and learn from every step as I know I am closer to my goals. Be the best you ever, and you will have nothing to regret.



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