Bad choice, wrong move

Sometimes you hit that brick wall like there is no tomorrow. It´s like you are running away from something evil that is chasing you and you are running looking over your shoulder to make sure they are not closing in. And  just as you turn and face forward again, all of a sudden there it is, the brick wall. That is what happened to me today! just amazing in all ways. I am stunned and chocked and somewhat repulsed by what have just happened, I am not surprised , why should I be?

I feel sick, sick to my stomach sick to my core and I am gasping a prayer, too please stop. Please have some mercy as I do not want to deal with this anymore. I hade my fare share of bads for the last years, I need a good solid break now.

There is a clear purpose to this I know it for sure!  I truly believe  there is a purpose for everything. I am still standing upright still facing forward so thats where I need to move towards. And I need to speed up big time because this thing is eating me alive.

So be sure to choose the right path and stick to it, work hard and believe in your self, as no one else wants to.

Hit it








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