Learn from your kids

So I assume one of the reason we have children is for them to teach us things, test our strengths and weakness and our patience. Our children are here to help us stop and think and hopefully realize what´s important in life and what is not.

I have 4 kids, they all come with their own special traits and personalties, they are truly unique in their own special way. So it must be true we all have a purpose to fill while we are here on earth. Just need to figure out what it is 🙂 and try to stay true to that, easier said than done. Certain things happens that you do not really undertand.

The past year have been so tough, specially on my soul. I am slowly recovering but I will probably never be the same, and that makes me happy! I do not want to be the same, I am focusing on being a new better version of me.

Lods of love


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