New week, new beginnings

I just started a new job, it feels great! It really does, I will probably not think the same in about 2 mons but for now it´s great and I am happy. Skin issues remain and I am getting concerned and frustrated about that. I am taking good care of myself. I eat healthy, I excise and try to go for a small walk everyday.

I have actually begin to take supplements again, to boost my system. I use to do it when I had an issue with my thyroid, and it became better. Now I am doing it because my body is unbalanced. I might do a real juice detox to really clean my system, but for now I´m boosting my system. We are moving towards winter so I assume it does not hurt to take extra supplements. My skin is really dry and extremely sensitive. Something is wrong, I just need to figure out what.

I have visit the gym 2 already this week and that feels great, small thing to improve an overall new beginning.

The good thing with starting over and in my case is that I have a chance to really start over since I am currently at a new job. That makes it easier to take a different approach to life and really start over. With that comes responsibility towards my self. It is time that I show my self some respect and loving and believe in my own ability.




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