Start over and do it right

Pheewww, Here we go big time, it is finally a good time to look over things. Life right now is so well organized it is like an excel spred sheet. Don´t get me wrong I do like it when it´s organized and well structured but it´s so predictable and somewhat boring. So I need to restart again and do it right. My body is out of balance and I am sick of it. I get rashes back and forth and I don´t want it anymore. Neither do I want to see myself as limited.

Last year has been sooo tough, I visited hell and manage to get back up again. And now it´s time to start climbing, up ,up high. I can see goals a bit clearer and I know what I want and I am starting today. I put my trust in life, and that it will guide me towards my goals. But I need to decide on it and stay committed and committed to taking care of myself both my body and soul.So here comes everything, here comes a start of a newer version of me. I am so excited this will be wonderful and the right thing to do..

Check in with you later!

Take care!



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