This has left me humble

Finally after 1 year of unemployment it happens; I get a job, sure it is only a secondment but it fells great! That sad part is all the hours I have put down for applying for a new job. That now when I finally have a job, it feels a bit empty. During the last 12 months I have gone from the darkest pit to the highest top. My emotions have gone haywire from being super confident to feeling like crap. I am quite sure I had a depression, but since I have been down that road before I made sure not to hit rock bottom again. I have been to a couple of interviews where I was so sure the job was  going to be mine, just to be knocked down a week or 2 later by the message that the position has been filled by someone else.

I am glad that I am a fighter, that I never give up. Sure I have been knocked down a couple of times but a day or 2 later I will rise up again get right back in the game, that the only way I know how to live.

I have learned quite a bit during these past 12 months, one is to be humble and never ever take anything for granted and also to understand that I am never safe.

A change can come in a instance. I have learned that a job is a sort of identity, and when you loose it you feel lost.

I have also learned that life will give you hard things to deal with so that you can progress and learn new things.

But most of all I have learned to trust inner self, to stop and listen what do I want? and to be strong enough to follow it. As long as you stay true to your self you will get what you´re asking  for, have faith in life!

And most of all love your self, you are here for a reason.

A new beginning a new life! here to my new haircut and well deserved run int the beautiful sun!




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