Dull dry skin? get the glow back

Summer is loosing its grip and fall is on it´s way. Colder mornings followed by sunny warmer days. It´s tricky to know how to dress to fit in the temperature changes during the day. The tan lines are getting less visible and the skin tone is slowly changing in to a more paler tone. The skin is dry and dull. This is the perfect time to really care for your skin. It´s SPA deluxe time. If you can´t afford going to SPA or just don´t have the time. You can create your own SPA at home.

As you get older your skin changes, from being moist and even in color to dry and patchy. That is why it is very important to care for you skin appropriate to your age. My routine starts with filling up the bathtub with warm water, I always add a couple of drops of oil ( your choice). Before I go in the water I exfoliate, I do this by wearing a glove or use “exfoliating pads”. Scrub the entire body and feel the freshness.

After that I soak in the warm bath for at least 20 minutes. Make this your time! listen to music or a POD and enjoy your self. If you like you can put a facial mask on. Don´t forget to wear your hair up as the water is oily or if you like use the oil in the water as a hair treatment, just make sure to add some extra time as you might have to wash your hair a couple of times to get the excess oil out of your hair.

The final thing I do in the bathtub is another scrub, this time I usually use a scrub mix of some kind, it can be home made, mix 2 spoons of sugar with 1 spoon of oil (of your choice) add som fresh squeezed lemon for the freshness and start scrubbing. Pay extra attention to your knee and elbows as they are extra dry. Remember when you scrub, don´t be afraid to get rough, your summer skin need to be removed and you´r skin will be soft as a babys bum.

Pat your skin dry and use a lite moisturizer to lock the moist. Do this routine at least twice a week. And you´re skin will start to glow again. A facial routine will soon be posted.






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