Depression hits hard

Feeling low is probably something that everybody can relate to.

But sometimes when the blues won´t wear off, It can get really tough. It has to do with something in your life that is not working for your best. To be depressed can be really challenging, you probably wont even recognize who you are anymore. I believe that when you hit rock bottom, you do it because you have not been in touch with your inner self for far to long. Becoming depressed usually takes a while, the depression sneaks up on you slowly, small signs of “not OKs”  will show up but you choose to ignore them as they probably do not serve you best intresset for the time being.

Going through a depression is really hard, for everyone. For people standing on the outside looking in it might be hard to grasp how bad the depression really is. It´s usually very hard to understand what to do.

For the one suffering from depression it can be hard to understand ones needs and wants, it can vary from day to day. Somedays you might want to be alone, other you might be terrified of being alone. But most of all we need to be taken care of and to be care for.

Listen within you  Not wanting to socialize, small daily tasks grows and become hard to climb mountains. Walking around feeling like a zombie.

Do you recognize your self? Well you are far from alone, recent study shows that there is a lot you can do before seeking professional help.

First of all take a walk, it might feels like the hardest thing you can do but believe me it is worth it. If you can walk in the forrest this will be an extra bonus. Next thing is to try to jog try to raise your heart beat and break out a sweat. A 2 miles jog produces the same amount of serotonin as 1one Prozac This is found to be as helpful as anti-depression medicine but without the terrible side effects.

So start slow, and commit too stay committed and remember that you might feel totally out of it, like there is no hope, but there is. I have been there twice and I am now good really good.

You learn too read the signs when they come. So small steps latterly to get back too some kind of normal it takes time.

Let it take time, you need it too heal.


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