Delicate skin an age thing?

My skin is far from healthy and glowing right now, as a matter of fact today it is disastrous It could be gluten or me using a BB cream (the other night)that I rarely use. From judging from past year my skin has been extremely sensitiv. It feels like I can not cheat with food or make up or sleep for that matter. I get rashes and it feels like my skin is burning. It reacts with small red bumps for 2-3 days and then comes the skin dryness. My skin gets almost like I´ve been sunburned. Skincare after 40, is more than just products it is the whole concept of food, exercise and sleep.

I believe it has to do with my immune system being a bit on the low side considering my current state of well being. But I also think it has to do with me getting older and more sensitive maybe the closer I get to menopause the more delicate skin. A lot dryer and sensitive. So how can I take care of my skin in the best way?

Well, start with sticking to a healthy diet, no cheating, it shows on your skin right away! Not worth it, so cut back on sugar and gluten and try to stay away from to much meat, I am not a meat person anyway,can easily become vegetarian. Top everything of with plenty of water, at least my skin feels better from water.Need to take really good care of your self to be able to keep looking and feeling good.

I am going to cut out sugar from my diet for awhile, to see if I can see any effects on my skin, weight and mood! Follow my journey.



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