New life!

Are you in the process of change? have you recently changed jobs, husband or maybe you have moved to a different city, country?  Did you make the change for you or for someone else? I believe that we all need to go through changes in life to be able to move forward. For the purpose of development.

It might be that you have changes your appearance, maybe you have dyed your hair, made a face lift or what ever it might be. I think you should challenge the Status Q from now and then just to see what you are up against. We all need a change from now and then, just to wake up, so that life is not just passing us by. And aslo to regain our believes in our self. Changes are usually positive, so embrace them.

My past year has been terrible, but I have grown so much.I have been to hell and back, and it has been frustrating. But this was my year and I was suppose to have it all, just so that I could wake up and prepare my self for the next chapter in my life. And yes, I have changed a lot. For the good of myself. I survived more or less, some parts are gone forever, hopefully for the best.

Keep developing!


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