Be aware and stay beautiful

I was so amazed the other night as I was watching a documentary about older Top Models. Ranging from the age of 45-83, these woman was amazing, they where still extremely beautiful. The most amazing thing was that they where by all means no major fan of either Botox or fillers. Sure one could see that some of them have had something made on their faces but still, they looked absolutely fabulous.

So if you still care about how you look and you keep a decent weight, you can still look absolutely fabulous even at the age of 70 and above. These woman all had wrinkles but they looked gorgeous and feminin. I am so happy to see this because I think it is so important that woman are shown as beautiful regardless of age. That woman are not seen as “used goods” after the age of 35. We are very much feminin and beautiful and by all means we have so much more to offer since we are much more mature and self confident.

Just look at these woman and enjoy, and remember that you all are beautiful and wonderful wonder women!  








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