Older parents,my new kids?

I am blessed with 4 beautiful children, I understand that that is gift. Now that my children are all growing up and I can finally start relaxing and enjoying my own life again. My parents are making them self more and more noticeable! All of a sudden over the last couple of years they have become older, not just by age, I mean really older. Especially my mom. It is like she have totally forgotten what it´s like to have kids. Be on time and just think about anyone but herself. Yes, she is worth it, she has been working hard all of her life, but with that said after spending a couple of days with them I see a clear difference. They have changed, becoming more afraid and worried and keep forgetting stuff and some things that are said are not even true!

So now that the kids are growing up, do I need to start taking care of my parents? I feel sorry for my dad, he really has his hands full and I hope to GOD that she is the one who passes first, since she will not be able to care for herself. Or maybe she will, if given the opportunity. I am just amazed how fast this is happening. It makes me sad, because I want to enjoy their company as it use to be, not like this.




2 thoughts on “Older parents,my new kids?

    • Its sad, I think! I want them to be like they use to be! My parents live a good 4 hours drive from me, So we only see each other a couple of times per year. So that’s makes it even harder. It’s like starting over every time we see each other.

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