Future love ❤️

Finding yourself is hard, to have to deal with everyone else around you in the process is even harder. Not only do you need to convince them, that who you choose to be, is your choice and you are happy with that choice. The Hardships of convincing people that the changes are here to stay, you also need to be understanding that they might not approve or appreciate your change. 

But as I mentioned before, changes are good and they usually bring more changes along the way. Stay true to yourself. 

As parent my gOal is to guide my children throug life, not push them, but guide them with gently guardian whispers and cheerful words. My mission as parents is to raise my children so that they think they can concer the world, and still keep a loving heart and a drive to always guide others.

 Our kids deserve more love than they can carry, more support than they ever will need and more freedom than peace can offer, to become the best future we can dream of. A future without wars, egotistical thinkers, and cruelty. A world where everything is equal. It is my purpose to raise my children to become the best version of them self without loosing themself. 


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