Be sexual and healthy 

As we get older and especially after childbirth our body changes and so does our private parts. This area can be a big problem for allot of woman and often problems you as a woman don´t discuss with anyone. But we need to understand that we never need to be afraid or embarrassed about this. I do want to encourage everyone who experience some problems to seek help. There is a solution for almost everything.

Regardless if you have a problem or not, it is always good to give the pelvic muscles a daily workout. This will help you in many ways. I want to encourage this especially if you have lost your interest in sex. Kegel your way to a better sex-life, and remember miracles don´t happen over night, give it time. Still you will start noticing a change in a week or two if you do it correct.

My schedule is this

Squees for 8 seconds release for 8 seconds, do this 8 times. Rest for 1 minute and then squees for 1 whole minute.

It ´s time to reclaim your body in more than one way!

Good luck


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