London or not?

I have done it all, meditated ,running, talked to numerous of people but I can’t really get an answer on what to do. I am invited for an jobinterview in London. The pay is excellent and the job is Ok! Maybe not a dream job but absolutely Ok! 

First I turned it down, thinking about the family. Relocating the family and cost of that, me commuting back and forth (only seeing the kids during the weekend and so forth. But I still can’t shake it off. If I had been a man, no one would even question me going! They would probably cheer me on and congratulated me on my career move, and completely understand the sacrifices I needed to do for this opportunity. But I am not a man. I am a woman and my youngest is 8, still a baby. 

But I have to really consider this. If I take this job( if I get it) it would open a new world. The salary is way above anything I could get here for the next 5-10 years. Is it worth it? Will I regret taking the offer? Would I regret turIng it down? Sweden is still here, and I can always go home again if it’s not working! Right? Or?

I am soo confused! 


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