Eco trends and heroes

I see a younger generation filled with hope. Not all, but many, its easy being positive and full of hope before life starting to filling up with different test. The younger generation believing in a better world for them and their children. I believe in the younger generation, we need them with their Apple mindset- nothing is impossible! 

As much as we need their fearless out of the box thinking, we (middleage and everyone above),  is also needed for our expertise! Let’s do this together, we need to care, all of us. Put aside money and making profit, does it matter when we can’t use our water or become sick of the food we produce? 

I want everyone to read about this young guy! Boyan Slat he is barley adult and is committed to save the ocean  from plastic waste (The ocean clean up). Thank you Boyan!What a champ! I hope all large companies back him up, with all that he needs. 

Let’s all work together, for a better greener world🌳


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