Eco living 

So you know that the small things counts as well as the larger ones. Everyone can contribute to a better world. I am quite amazed that humans continue to live like there is no tomorrow. There’s so much consumption. Yes, we need too be more educated on what really matters and how we all can help. We need to work together on this and teach our children the importance of making changes that matters. Be role models for them. 

I recycle, but there is so much more I can do. I am going vegan, the reasons are many but one is how the animals are treated and another is how we mistreat the earth due to agriculture. And to be honest I don’t like the taste of meat anymore. I am true supporter when it comes to Eco living, I buy eco food! 

See Leonardo Dicaprios Cowspiracy it’s a must see!

lets aim for a better world together!

Yes we can! 


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