And than it happens

What are the odds? I got offered a job! A job that is absolutely amazing. A salary that is more than 4 times the amount that I make today! There is only one catch! It’s in another country. And for me right now in my situation it is a disaster. But can you imagine, the deal with this job is so good it’s a shame to turn it down.

But that means either I had to commute, go home for the weekends or, the family would have to move with me. The country itself is absolutely somewhere  I could imagine to live for awhile. But to be away from the kids is a no no. And my husband I am not sure he would want to relocate.

If I was a man, it would never be an issue, I probably would have moved as a career choice for the better. It was extremely hard to turn the offer down. But it made me even more certain that I am on the right track. And that was just a hint on what is coming my way!



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