A normal life wanted

Yes I admit, I do want a normal life with a good job, decent working hours and a really fun social crowed. I am not the homemake it´s not in my nature. With that said I love my children. But I just don´t want to be a home mom. We are all different and that is OK. With 4 children one would think I enjoy being a stay at home mom. But I am not.

I am a modern woman in that sense I believe in earning a fair share of contribution to the home. Not that I think that stay at home mom does not contribute, they certainly do, and to be fair, working mom usually work double shift, meaning they work during the day and when they get home feeding kids and husbands as well as all other shores.

For me it´s more of an independence thing.

I long for a normal life, It is also good for the rest of the family and relationship. Not brining in an income make the relationship quite bad, and unequal


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