Stay gorgeous after 40

Over 40 tip!

Most of all before I start talking about your appearance I like to go in to detail and talk about your inside. What makes you beautiful in all ages is happiness. If you can give your self a happy un-stressful life this will take years of your appearance. Stress will certainly make your skin go banans, from dry dull skin, to spots and so much more. Stress is more than finishing that project, it could be emotional stress from bad relationships and not feeling satisfied. Of course life is not always a happy go lucky, there will be ups and down. After 40 Menopause is starting to show signs like dryer skin and hair.

  1. First of all, it´s an old one but it´s still is true, stay away from the sun and cigarettes. This is quite old I think and most women know this by now. These are just bad for you!
  2. Keep and healthy diet, but enjoy life, because this is what you get. Eat less meat and enjoy the variety of vegetable. I love fish and seafood, even-though the oceans are polluted, I still want to believe that most of the seafood is still OK. Enjoy red wine, save champagne, white wine and rose for special occasions, these are unfortanatly filled with sugar, that is nothing but bad for your skin. Sugar actually breaks down you collagen the substans that makes your skin flexible and bouncy (“,).
  3. Exercise regularly, everyday, walk as much as you can, and do some exercises for your arms, core and butt. I prefer Pilates, all it takes is about 20-30 minutes a day. Face it everything is going south after 40, everything! I do it early in the morning before anyone else is up. I also make sure to work up a good sweat at least 2-3 times a week. It clears your system.
  4.  Color your hair, if you have grey and keep the hair a light color, it goes better with your skin after you pass 40. And be careful not to have a heavy hairstyle, everything is traveling south and so is your face.
  5. Dress like a million dollar, dress as the woman you are, embrace what you have, don´t dress like you´re 20, dress like a woman.
  6. Get facials and if you prefer fillers an botox, but most of all have fun and stay happy!

More home remedies will follow in another post!




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