Summer, healthy eating?

Amazing, I am in Germany, and since I always believed that we are very much the same (Germans and Swedish) I am a bit surprised by the difference. Germany holds a better standard then a lot of other european Countrys does and they behave in a similar ways. But when it comes to food choices they are not there yet. I do understand that it´s a large country and to be fair we have only visited smaller citys.

I am very aware of what I eat, yes I do eat bad stuff to but in moderation. For me and me daughter who are gluten intolerant it is almost impossible to find food that are non gluten. There is allot of fried food, and meat. I eat allot less meat those days, because of how they treat the animals and because I don´t like the taste of it anymore. I still eat seafood. The salad choices are almost non existing, and sorry to say bu very lame, some cucumber, tomatoes and green sallad!

Anyway are trip in Germany is marvelous and the country is beautiful, so it is still wonderful, I am just grateful that we can do this trip and that they at least have sallad! I mean what else is there but enjoyment. But it might lead to that i drop a couple of KG!

Still Germany it is amazing in all ways!

love always!





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