Pillow talk

What is freedom? what is freedom for me? For me in a country without war and other threats, freedom is being able to think and act on my own, without having someones opinon echoing in my head. Sometimes silence says more words and just by a look or a sense you know, you know what is going on. Being in love, one is mesmerized unable to think clear. That the way it should be, we are ment to fall in love without judgement. Long enough to produce offsprings, and that is all good. The person you love grows on you and you love every singel move they make.

Be aware, after the sweet pillow-talk is over you might learn that what you use to love about a person becomes something you start hating. Frustrated by the thing you once loved? Or is it really that or is it that you are frustrated with yourself for loosing your self completely in someone else? Usually when we end up not really liking our partner is has to do with that we are unhappy with ourselves. To fall in love is fairly easy, to stay in love is difficult.

More than anything I think it is important to always remember that we should never ever have to change for someone else, unless we really really want to. Do you remember what is what like in the beginning? When you did absolutely everything for the person you loved? You had madly sex all the time, you love to do things for each other, and being apart for more than 24 hrs was never an option.

Then came realty and the love came in to a different stage, a stage of being. Not much happens here, you just are! comfortable and relaxed. Soon enough if you get to comfy,things starts falling apart. You start to loose control over the relationship and soon enough you will find yourself really unhappy. You need to pay attention to succeed in a relationship and remembers it should be on both terms. No one deserve to give up them self in order to please another person. Absolutely no one, and no one should have to fight for their rights and opinions. So what ever stage you are in, never ever forget or neglect yourself, you are far to good for that.

Always remember! You are special and uniq in all ways!






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