Love at what cost?

Well, had a hectic weekend being all alone with older parents and my two youngest.  Looking at my parants who has nothing more than love in their heart. I truly wonder if they are happy, I mean, truly happy, or if they are together because they are used to? I wonder how many couples just stay together because of old habits than true love? And does it matter? Why should I questing their choice? But the question still remains, love at what cost?

Another friend of mine was left brutally by her husband, during their entire marriage he was cheater, all though she is a smart girl, when it came to him she was and still is totally lost. Even though they have been divorced for 4 years, he still have keys to her apartment and comes and goes as he pleases. She shines up every time he shows up. In my eyes this is truly sad. No one is worth that, thats a bad relationship.

So the interesting question is still to what cost do we value love? What is your price? Do you compromise? don´t we all? Do we give up to easy today, or do we hold on to long? We are living in a fast moving world where the attention span gets shorter and we have more options to different lifestyles in all areas (at least that is what we believe). But does all those choices really makes us happier? -But as we all know the gras is not greener on the other side of the fence.

love, always








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