Coming down with a personal low

Hmmm, diet was not going well this weekend, celebrating one of the biggest Holidays in Sweden, Midsummer eve. I feel a bit low. One because I am somewhat disappointed in my self, because I own the problem my self and need to follow through. I need to get back on track tomorrow again. 

But also because one part of becoming a new me, have suddenly become a question mark. Something I have been certain about, that needed to change have all of the sudden not becoming so cristal clear anymore. I am confused about one of my future goals, one which was set years ago. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to think it over once more, I still have time plenty of it. It’s just that it has been such a clear goal, and due to people around me during this weekend its not so clear anymore. It’s confirmed the hell out of me. 

I guess that is why I feel a bit low. I’m still in love with my jurney, my goals and all my blessings. And I am sure that life will show me the correct path. All I am certain of is that I need to follow my own path no matter what!



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