Summer is finally here,no stress!

Working on my body, by avoiding to eat. Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. I bend and twist in every direction to make things go smoothly. But the good part is, I make it happen all the time, nothing is to complicated or to hard. I’m a fixer for sure. I value that trait, I can make it happen no matter what. I don’t need to plan years ahead. I just do it. It’s in my personality. Thank goodness for that. 

I rarely feel stressed, things happens all the time. So

Summer is here, I am taking care of 4 kids between 8-10. It’s okay. But that is the reson, I’ve forgotten to eat.

The other day a passed a park full of children on my way home. I had to stop and breath for awhile just to appreciate  that the toddler period is over. I have forgotten what is like to always be present. 

I’m so happy at wher I am. I feel amazing! 


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