Working on the body

New life, new beginning, slowly I see results, I figure I will take it slow since the rest of my trip takes time. No need to rush anything, no need for quick fixes. This is for life and it is important to give it time. Lately things have started to change, I was down, really low for a while and it felt like the world was working against me. That´s how it felt.

I know I am suppose to learn something from it, something good for the future. But when you´re in the middle of the blackhole it´s extremely hard to think positive. It´s extremely depressing. It feels like I have been to hell more then ones this year. I have been so down filled with self pity, helplessness and sometimes hate. Thank God I am good at picking my self up. Because that was what I had to do over and over again. For me it got to a point where I gave up fighting and struggling, and just relaxed. Just sort of gave in, and waited out what was coming.

And right now, things are going really good. So keep your fingers cross, and hope that what ever positive energy is floating my way right now stays and keeps bringing good things and people in to my life. Maybe this was what I needed to see, hear and learn to be able to fully bloom in my new life.

lovE your self always, lie if you have to, but keep loving your self, you will never have anyone else!

new life



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