Looking younger? 

I think all ages have their beauty, you don’t have to look younger to look better. But you can embrace your inner youth. With that said As I have mentioned in an earlier post, age is a state of mind. If you’re keep an open mind to changes, and surround your self with positiv people all ages. If you keep being curious and understanding (even if you don’t agree), you will feel ageless. Don’t try too be someone you’re not. Embrace your inner self! 

When it comes to make up and passing 35, less is more. If you don’t have serious skin problems, like acne  that you need to cover up, less is more! Skip fundation and powder, it makes you look older and unnatural. BB and CC creams might work but if it possible go natural.  Mascara, some naturalcolor eyeliner (brown,grey) and some lipgloss. I am not too fond of bright colors on the lips, but if you keep the eye makeup quite natural it can look good.

 I am lucky in that sense I never had to deal with acne. However I have had my share of skin issue, eczema and dry itchi skin. 

I have some issues with sun damage and some melasma “leftovers” from being pregnant. I’ve made a promise to take care of this later this fall. Get some laser treatment to deal with these issues. I usually get a 2-3 treatment per year to keep the skin rebuilding new collagen. 

When you passed 35 it’s more about taking care of your inner self, good nutrition, sleep, less stress. In combination of moisturizer and a couple of treatments per year. Your skin needs more help with rebuilding itself. It will help you’re overall improvement. 

Remember, less is more! Love you self a new me! 


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