Party like it´s 1999

Time flies, and its all good, I have experienced such a good life, not that i think it´s over in anyway, quite the opposite. It´s starting now! I feel like 20, well I feel like 20, but with a lot more confident than myself at twenty years. I feel good, really good. I am by no means un secure in my self and I wish girls would feel it to. My youngest is so full with compassion, it covers for both her and her brother. It comes so natural for her, compare to her brother. It must be that she is a female, I am sure of it. We woman need the compassion to be able to care for our off-springs wont you say?

What I wanted to say is that we all need to let go, let go of life, live freely and live good. I remember partying to Prince and Wham and Duran Duran like it was yesterday. Time flies people, embrace life to it´s fullest and remember you are uniq.

longing for just being me! new life

Skärmavbild 2016-06-16 kl. 21.58.07



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