Try harder, get results

I believe in giving, not because I expect to get something back, but because it gives me satisfaction. I still believe that people are generally good, and want to be good but things happens, and life takes a different turn. Give because you want to, not because you are expected to. I am old enough to understand that I am the way I am because I am suppose to, I don´t need to change to fit in. If I have to change to fit in, then I am in the wrong place. If I am miserabel in anyway, I need to refocus and find out what it is that I am missing out on. Stop hanging around negative people they will drain you, and waist your positive energy.

What are your needs? are you living the life you want to live? I guess a majority says NO. Stop and start thinking, are you ment to do something else with your life? think about it.

So anyway, my personal trip is going along just fine. Running is still a major struggle, I am not sure what is happening there. It might be in my mind, that I am expecting it to go really bad, and so it does.

Skin issues! I have major skin issues right now, my skin is super dry! I mean super dry, and it´s not good at all. Coconut oil won´t do, tried it for a week now, I believe my new skincare products does not really work for me. I love them because they are eco-friendly and fairly cheap, but they need to work as well. I will try a new eco-brand soon

So to sum it up, give a bit more and you will receive more, work a bit harder and you will see better results what ever you are working on!. just give it a little bit more!

Ok, everyone I am off for a run! take care #new life#

life is good

Her heart is so full of love❤️


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