Skinboosting after 40!

To be completely honest I´ve really neglecting my skin lately. But right now it is a question about money and I can not really afford the treatments that I would like to. I can´t stress enough how important skincare is when you pass 30, the better you take care of your skin the less you have to fight age related skin issues later in life, issues as wrinkles, big pores and age spots. Unfortunately I have been sunburned more than once, growing up when sunscreen barley existed, and blessed with a skin that is fairly light, the combination was not really good. Add a couple of years visiting the tannings salons and you´ll get the picture. This was all before the age of 30, believe me I have my fair deal of sun spots and uneven skin tone.

As much as I like to have a nice tan, I try to avoid the sun as much as I can. And when out I use SPF 30+. Still I tan, and I tan easy and I must admit it does look nice. My skin tend to be dry an kind of dull looking, and even if I scrub, It never seems to fully recover.

With a somewhat limited budget, the treat will be coconut oil on clean skin. If I had  a bigger budget I would treat my self to a skinbooster from Restylane, it works wonder on small “dry lines” and big pores it even start producing new collagen. The treatment lasts for aprox 6-8 mons and is really affordable if you compare it to botox. Maintain a good skincare routine and ad som help when needed it will give you great benefits later in life.

I have a friend who tried Vitamins injections and ended up getting a allergic reaction and was swollen for over a week.

Enjoy life! new life!







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