Loosing more and more, in finding me!

well the weekend have been extremely busy, all of it fun, so I should´t complain. It has just been busy. Still thinking and working on myself and I am still doing really good. I am truly blest in many ways and I am grateful for all things, people and experience that keeps coming my way. I learn something new about myself every day. I ´ve learn to trust myself and to know and understand that I am OK the way I am. With that said, I still want to be a bit slimmer and I am still not happy with every part of me. But I have come to undertand this much during my journey that I am really good, and most of all I am uniq, I don´t need to change for anyone else ever again.

During a lot of years I was doing what was excepted of me, what a waste of time! Good advices are never wrong, but you still need to listen to your inner voice to know your true answer. What´s true for someone else might not be true for you. I believe that we are all good within, but we end up in situations now an then where life is testing us. We might do stupid things but the outcome might have taught you something bigger. Life is full of challenges and we are domed to make mistake, and the good part of making mistakes is that you come out from the expericne a bit more wiser and much more humble.

Anyway, working on myself is fun in more than one way.

a new life

 Friendship ❤️


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