Day five! I see and feel results!

Well, sorry for not updating for a day or two, it has been intensive. But so far I have managed to do really good. It´s like my mind is so focused on the goal so there is really no other option than success. And you know what? is a great feeling!. As for my inner journey, I feel allot more at peace, well almost, I had a totally breakdown Sunday night when my son was driving me crazy with a crappy attitude. Not sure what is going on with him lately but something is, it´s like he is going through a pre-puberty stage. And for some reason he takes it out on me, being a mom can surely be a challenge sometimes!

Anyway, I feel great and I even lost a little bit of weight. To find ones path takes time and to listen in to once inner voice also takes it´s time, especially when you have so much layers of learned behavior that needs to be striped away. It seems like all my female friends are going through the same thoughts and struggle. You know what the worst part is? that I did not wake up earlier.

Follow your path, it´s always the right thing to do, even if the timing is not, a new me




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