New life up ahead! day three

I have been thinking, I will soon start a completely new life. I will get a new job and with that my life will change. Why not change more? This might be a midlife-crises or some other strange crises I am going through. Most important I am now embracing what needs to be embraced and I believe that what is ment to be is ment to be.

So day three in the new me, started off good, as all mornings do. Manage 20 minutes of Pilates wanted to do a lot more, but we are renovating showering is a challenge. I need to visit the local gym every day to take a shower. I know I should not complain, at least I have a home right?.

Spend the day with my ass parked on a blanket and watch the National horse show. I barley moved an inch but, that is all good I ran 10 k yesterday..The thing I am struggling with right now are other family matters. Changes need to take time and I will give it time.

Keep on going, you will success in more than one way!

day three, a new me! 



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