Day two, a new me

Well day one ended with a grillparty with some friends, not really easy to say no to wine and good food. But, I did only eat chicken and some sallad and some potatoes, so still healthy. And I stayed away from the Chips and candy. Good choice. To mange staying away from things you normally eat is not easy.

I am by noway overweight but I would like to get slimmer, its more a feeling and also a way to test my self and my ability to stick with things.. As I mentioned I am going through a life change, changing from the inside out. I am finally taking control over my life after years of walking around in a limbo. For the first time in a very long time I can taste freedom in more than one way, and I love it.

It is about time!

Day two of my life change, started out good as well a healthy breakfast and a good positive attitude, well after breakfast came the first fight with a family member.. So hard to stay positive when it happens. But I promised myself, nothing or no one should be able to kill my happy spirit. It´s simply not a option.

Ran 10 k, my son biked next to me and was talking nonstop, so I was kind of out of breath more than just from running, but it was still wonderful. Stockholm is absolutely beautiful right now and I love running in this city, it is absolutely magical.

Day two, is almost over and I am satisfied, my thought are running like crazy and I let them, I find my peace in finding my self, Wayne Dyer small talks, and the future picture I see before me.

So far, I am satisfied with myself, a new me nice!



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