Being you,as a woman

I am not sure where you are in life, maybe you just started your career and are madly in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend what ever rocks your boat.

Or you might be in the middle of rasing a family, with toddler and newborns. With way to little sleep and way to little time for anything else but your family.

Or you might be middleage and crying because your kids are leaving home, moving away to go to college. It is so hard to see your kids move away from home. When my oldest daughter moved away I cried for 2 months straight. It felt like the biggest love of my life left me. She had been a part of my life for the last 17 years and now she was moving out.

That is when it dawned on me what we as women give to others. We give our souls to our children and spouses. We give so much love, we care and we worry. We see them growing up and become more independent. Their life starts and we just stand by and as observers. Yes it is a part of nature, but it still hurts.

One thing I learned from all this was that you mustn’t forget your self in all this. Don’t let your self go just because you passed a certain age. Allow yourself a life outside the family. A life that is yours! Have hobbies and friends and most of all don’t forget to have fun. You deserve it. Life is a never ending mystery. You don’t want to live your life through others ever. You are your own person, your own spirit!

Life life it’s precious and it’s yours


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