Running is my meditation

Running is my meditation, when ever I have a bad day or just feel low, running picks me up and lead me to back to my path. Going through a life change (loosing my job,and finding my lost self) is truly a challenge. Expecting people around me to be understanding is not easy. Running has been a big part of how I deal  with all this. I meditate sometimes, but running gives me more.

I believe we all have our special pick me uppers! For some people is Yoga, for others it might be playing games, for me its running. So in the mist of feeling totally lost and helpless, mad and furious and also very sad, running makes my heart and head stronger, and it leaves me a lot happier.

Going trough life crises what ever they might be is hard, all we need to do is not to loose hope and understand that there is a purpose for all this and the purpose is learn and get wiser. Trust that something good is coming out of it, being in the middle of it is is truly hard to see how this will ever benefit me. But I have promised my self to keep my spirit up and trust that everything will work out for my best. What is ment to be is ment to be.






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